Lawrence Industries, Inc.
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Partial view of lab equipment

At Lawrence Industries, we have invested in many different instruments and controls to ensure the quality of our heat-treating services. We have a variety of hardness testers including macrohardness, superficial, microhardness, Brinell, and portable hardness testers. We also have sectioning and specimen preparation equipment for case hardness testing.

SCADA system screenshot

As part of our continuing commitment to quality, we implemented a SCADA system. This system improved our ability to supervise our equipment and record equipment performance. Over time, we have expanded the system to include the majority of our equipment. Remote monitoring and diagnostics has also improved due to the fact that the SCADA system can be accessed through the internet from any location and key data is available to mobile devices. It continues to be a valuable tool to track our customers’ parts through the heat-treat process, monitor our equipment, and address performance issues before they become quality issues.

Orion Registered logo

As a sign of our dedication to quality, we continue to maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification of our quality management system. We feel that this is an important third-party validation of our quality assurance system that our customers can rely on. Click the ISO logo to download a copy of our current certificate.